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Catnip Essential Oil Mister

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WARNING! Spray this Mister on your cat's mat, bed, or wherever you want your furry friend to chill, sit or play and watch the MAGIC happen!

Do you - or someone in your life struggle to get their feline baby to corporate? If so, then our Catnip Essential Oil Mister spray is the perfect gift for them (or you) to release a beautiful scent that will keep a cat intrigued, happy, playful, or calm.

  • So convenient because there's no mess and you can spray it anywhere (even in your kittie's carrier).
  • Stimulates cats to play, run, and draws them back to once-engaging toys they've since snubbed.
  • It Helps encourage your cat to sleep where you want her to sleep(at the foot of the bed rather than on my pillow pressed against my face)

Handmade using:
Organic Catnip and Catmint tea, Catnip Essential Oil, Vegetable Glycerin

Catnip Fields Signature Essential Oil Mister is a cat-safe dilution of catnip essential oil in an organic tea of catnip and catmint. Perfect for spraying toys, beds, and cardboard boxes. Never spray your cat or its food!

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