About Us

Helping you provide a conducive environment for your Cat to feel safe and be able to observe their human companion from a vantage point without a worry in the cat world is our priority. 

Cat Wall Shelf's Mission

To help cat lovers from around the world create a safe and comfortable space for their fur babies to relax, nap, sleep or simply chill and enjoy observing their environment from high up without a worry in their home.

Most common cat beds don't take into consideration the characteristics of cats and that is why Cat Wall Shelf started, to offer quality cat wall bed that provides a safe and comfortable vantage point for your cat to enjoy its natural ways, such as staying up and observe their environment.

Why Choose Cat Wall Bed?

We strive to source and offer quality cat furniture products at a reasonable price with a fantastic customer service. We bring amazing products from across the world - while offering fast, efficient and friendly help! If you have any questions, please just contact us today and one of our team members will reply to you ASAP.

Team at Cat Wall Bed!